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New Style Gaming; Location Based Mixed Reality + Augmented Reality

Treasure Hunt is developing a whole new multi faceted gaming ecosystem with social media and crowdsoourcing elements that will essentially shape how games are designed, developed, built and played.


Cross Platform Game Play with Different Levels, Paths and Stories

In game characters and in game items will lead to whole new levels with different paths, stories and outcomes from Mini Games to our Mixed Reality Games.


Mini Games

Designed in a way so characters, in game items and other collectibles can be used across a multitude of our games, each leading to different levels, paths, stories and rewards.


Localised Treasure Hunt Events

Skill based competition and lucky draws to ensure everyone who participates in the game and gets involved in the community, has a chance to earn cash, characters, in game items and more. We set the date, form the teams and send you on a journey around town with new or old friends based on your desired interests of theme availability.


Theme Parks, Hotels, Parks, Restaurants, Bars, and MORE joining Treasure Hunt.

Establishing our games in the most unique way ever. Soon you will be able to play the games at your favorite places. If it doesn't exist, we help you make it! We provide the tools and community to make the best game YOU can imagine.


24x7 Mixed Reality Location Based Games

You've played Pokemon GO app but have you actually went on a modern day Treasure Hunt? Did it send you on a journey and did you find the treasure chest? Did you make new friends?


Hidden Treasure Chests? Absolutely!

Prior to game days, we will also physically hide 25+ Treasure Chests around the city the game is taking place. Inside will have random amounts of cash rewards ranging from $100 to $5,000. Giving back has never been more fun!


HUNT Crypto Currency

The exciting new HUNT Token fuels the Treasure Hunt game and ecosystem. By integrating a Non Fungible Token (NFT) in our games, it will allow players to create, grow, trade and collect characters, in game items and more.


Our Motto; Fully Crowdsourced and Opensourced

Majority revenues go back to the community, it's members, players, developers, designers and promoters.


$5 per user referral?

When we launch in the coming week(s) we will reward each user referral up to $5 worth of our crypto currency.


Community Driven = Community Rewarded

* Buy Back + Burn will last until we reduce HUNT tokens to 7.23 Billion HUNT Tokens.


Put in your email to be notified. We won't spam you, just notify you of our soft launch!

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